Opossum painted in the colors of a deep red-orange sunset.

¡Tlacuachismo! 2021 Art Exhibit at Mid-Valley

The South Texas College Library Art Gallery & the STC Mid-Valley Art Department present artwork inspired by the beloved opossum. Previously held in 2003-’06, this exhibition expands with pieces created by community members that visually describe the tlacuache (opossum) and what the idea, term, and animal mean to each artist.

¡Tlacuachismo! 2021 will be on display from October 28, 2021 – February 10, 2022, at the STC Mid-Valley Campus Library.

STC’s Library Art Gallery Program organizes exhibitions and educational programs to engage student understanding of art and its role in culture, support the academic curriculum, and inspire continued education through direct engagement with artists, scholars, and original works of art.

For more information, contact (956) 872-3488, gotvos@southtexascollege.edu, or visit library.southtexascollege.edu/lag.

Featured image by Azul Granados, titled Fire Eater.