Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Does the library have visitor parking?

Each library has visitor parking, which is marked in yellow on the campus maps.

Is the library handicap accessible? What if I need special accommodations?

All libraries have ramps and some buildings also have automatic doors and elevators. If you need special accommodations, contact Student Disability Services.

Can I bring my children with me to the library?

Minors (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Library Services holds the parent or legal guardian responsible for the actions of the minor. Parents or guardians of disruptive minors will be asked to take action to stop the disruption. This may include removing the minor from the library.

How can I suggest that the library purchase an item?

You can fill out a Library Purchase Request form.

Does the library have photocopiers?

Yes. Each library has at least one photocopier. Copies are 10 cents per page. Cash or credit is accepted. A minimum of $1.00 will be charged with use of a credit card.

Does the library have a fax machine I can use?

The library does not offer fax machines for student use.

Can I post a flier in the library?

If space permits, fliers may be posted in the library. However, all fliers must be approved through the Office of Student Life or, where applicable, the Campus Coordinator/Dean.

Are there any jobs available in the Library?

All available Library and Open Labs positions are posted on the STC Human Resources site. Here you will find job descriptions, job qualifications, and steps in the application process.

Borrowing Materials & Using Spaces

Do I need a library card to borrow materials?

Yes, you will need one of the following: A current STC student ID, a current STC employee badge, a current STC community user card, or a current TexShare card. You can find additional information in the Authorized Borrowers section of our Circulation Guidelines.

I’m not a student. Can I still borrow library materials?

Members of the community who are not current STC students, faculty, or staff can apply for a community user card in order to check out materials. Here you can find our Community Users guidelines.

How do I renew my borrowed items?

Most items may be renewed online at any time before they become overdue. Log into My Account and view your items in the Checkouts tab. You may also renew items by phone or in person.

I have a library item that is overdue. Will I receive a fine or suspension?

The library no longer charges fines for items that are overdue. However, students, community users, and TexShare users with overdue items will be suspended from checking out additional library items. For more information, view our Circulation Guidelines.

I lost a library item. What should I do?

Call or visit the library to find out how much it will cost to replace the item. You will be responsible for paying for the cost of replacement plus a $30 processing fee per item. Students, community users, and TexShare users with lost items will also be suspended from checking out additional library items until the bill is paid. For more information, view our Circulation Guidelines.

Can I return a book to any STC Library?

You can return a book to any STC library, regardless of which campus library you borrowed it from. The Mid-Valley, NAH, Pecan, and Starr County libraries have external book drops for returning books when the library is closed.

If I need a book or article that the STC library does not own, what are my options?

You can request that the item be sent from another library through our Interlibrary Loan service.

Does the library have a copy of the textbook that I need for class?

The library does not purchase textbooks, but some instructors are willing to place a textbook copy at the Reserves Desk. You can search for the textbook on our Course Reserves page. Items at the Reserves Desk can be checked out for two hours, but they cannot leave the library.

My instructor said that he/she placed an article in the library for our class. How do I find this article?

This article is most likely at our Reserves Desk. Items at the Reserves Desk can be checked out for two hours, but they cannot leave the library. You can search learn more about Course Reserves here.

One of the STC libraries has what I need, but I don’t visit that campus. What can I do?

You can fill out a Campus to Campus form. If the item is available, we’ll bring it to your campus library as quickly as possible, which is usually within 2 business days.

Does the library have a Writing Center?

The Pecan library has a Writing Center Plus staffed by Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE) tutors, who also offer Paper Review services as well as general tutoring in English literature, history, and other liberal arts classes. The other campuses have Writing Centers located within the CLEs. Click this link for the CLE locations and hours.

How do I reserve a study room?

Study rooms at all libraries can be reserved online. View our Study Rooms page to read our guidelines and make a reservation.

Is there a 24-hour study space at any campus library?

No, but all campuses have self-service computer labs with computers, scanners, and printing stations that are open extended hours. You can view the locations and hours for the Self-Service Computer Labs.

Online Library Resources and Services

What is Discovery Search?

Discovery Search allows you to search the library’s on-campus collection and most online databases through a single search platform. Databases that are not included in Discovery Search are labeled Not in Discovery on the A-Z Databases page.

I am trying to find articles or videos from off-campus, but my password doesn’t work. What should I do?

Students, faculty, and staff should use their JagNet username/password. If you have forgotten your password, click here. If you do not know your JagNet username, contact the IS&P Help Desk. If the IS&P Help Desk is closed, but the Pecan Library is open, we may be able to assist you at (956) 872-2212. Community users are unable to access library databases from off-campus.

Can I check due dates and extend the loan on my checked out items without coming to the library?

You may log into My Account to view your checkouts, see when each item is due, and renew your items to extend the due dates. Under certain circumstances, you may not be able to renew an item online, such as if you have a suspension for an overdue item. Students, faculty, and staff should use their JagNet username/password to log into their account. Community users should use their library card ID and PIN. Community users who do not know their PIN should bring identification to library staff to receive their PIN.

I need to use a certain citation/bibliography style for my paper. Where can I find help?

You can find tutorials and useful links on our Writing & Citing Sources guide.

Open Computer Labs

What is the printing policy in the Open Computer Labs?

Click here for our Printing Policy.

I’ve used all of my print credits. How can I obtain additional printouts?

Click here to learn how to request additional Print Credits.

Can I print from my personal laptop or mobile device?

Yes. The Learning Commons and Open Labs now offers Mobile Print for on-campus users. Click this link to learn more.

Is color printing, large format printing, or laminating available?

At this time we do not offer color printing, large format printing, or laminating at any of our libraries or Open Labs.

Where can I find specialized software to complete my assignments?

You can find a list of Available Software here.

Library Art Gallery

When is the Library Art Gallery open?

The Library Art Gallery is open whenever the library is open. Here you can find the hours of operation for each campus library.

Where can I find information about current exhibits and artists?

You can find basic information on current exhibits here. Please contact the Library Art Gallery Coordinator, Gina Otvos, at (956) 872-3488 or for additional information.

Is there a fee to visit the Library Art Gallery?

No. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors may attend any Library Art Gallery free of charge.

Am I allowed to take photographs of the artwork that is on display?

Flash photography is not permitted. Handheld cameras using existing light are allowed in the galleries, unless otherwise indicated. Please check at the entrance of the exhibition for any restrictions. Any photography is for personal use only and may not be sold. We would appreciate your consideration of other visitors by taking photographs in an unobtrusive manner.

Is the artwork available for purchase?

Most of the time, artwork is available for purchase. Please contact the Library Art Gallery Coordinator, Gina Otvos, at (956) 872-3488 or, and she will put you in contact with the artist. The Library Art Gallery does not handle the sale of artwork.

Does the Library Art Gallery give school tours of its art exhibits?

Please contact the Library Art Gallery Coordinator, Gina Otvos, at (956) 872-3488 or to schedule a guided tour.

How are art exhibits selected for the Library Art Gallery?

Library Art Gallery exhibits are chosen by library staff, which use the Art Exhibit Selection Guidelines when making decisions.

How would I be able to exhibit my work at one of the STC Library Art Galleries?

If you would like to exhibit your artwork at the STC Library Art Gallery, please email several images of your work and an artist statement or biography to the Library Art Gallery Coordinator, Gina Otvos, at (956) 872-3488 or

Library Events

Where can I find information about events, locations, and times?

You can find basic information on current and upcoming events here. You can find campus maps here.

Is there a fee to attend a library event?

No. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors may attend library events free of charge.

If I am visitor, where may I park for events?

Visitors are permitted to park in student parking areas during the scheduled event. If a visitor receives a parking citation during a library event for not having a valid STC permit, please contact the Senior Administrative Assistant, Joann Narvaez, at (956) 872-2645 or

May I bring my child to library events?

All library events are open to the community. Although events are generally intended for college audiences, children are allowed with adult supervision at library events. However, the library reserves the right to request that any disruptive child be removed by the responsible adult. Uncooperative adults may be reported to campus police.

If I attend an author talk, will the author’s books be available for purchase?

Frequently, books will be available for purchase at an author talk. For information on available titles and payment options, contact the STC Bookstore at (956) 872-2075.