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>> Campus to Campus Form

Use this form to request that an item be sent from another STC campus. Items usually arrive within 2 business days.

>> Interlibrary Loan Form

Use this form to request an item that is not owned by any STC library. See procedures below.

If you need assistance with Interlibrary Loan, feel free to contact us.

Interlibrary Loan Procedures

As a member of OCLC, STC shares collections with other libraries throughout the United States. Faculty, staff, and students may request materials from other libraries if STC does not own the item. To request an item, complete the Interlibrary Loan form. Physical materials will normally arrive at the STC library in seven to ten days. Electronic materials, such as journal articles, may be emailed directly to the patron. An STC Library staff member will notify requesters when their requests arrive or if a request will not be filled.

    1. Request Limit. Users are limited to 5 ILL requests per day.
    2. Restrictions on materials that can be requested.
      • From December 12 until college operations resume in January, we are unable to borrow or lend books and other returnables. However, we will try to maintain normal service for non-returnable loans (e.g. journal article photocopies).
      • Books that have been published within 1 year cannot be requested.
      • Patrons requesting genealogical materials should include surname information and/or specific pages for photocopying. Where possible they should ask for a photocopy of the index or table of contents from the material of interest.
      • Books owned by South Texas College Library (including electronic books) that are checked out or on reserve cannot be ordered through interlibrary loan services.
      • Textbooks cannot be ordered through interlibrary loan services.
      • Patrons will be limited to requesting the same title twice within a semester.
    3. Materials sent to us electronically will be sent to the patron’s STC email account.
    4. Loss of Interlibrary loan privileges. Patrons who are delinquent in returning borrowed materials twice in a semester will lose their borrowing privileges for the remainder of that semester.
    5. Notices.
      • Patrons will receive notice through their STC email account when an item becomes due.
      • Patrons will receive a second notice through their STC email account 1 week after an item is due.
      • Patrons who receive a second notice after 1 week over due will not be permitted to borrow interlibrary loan materials until that patron returns overdue materials and pays all outstanding fees and fines.
      • Patrons will receive a third notice 2 weeks after an item is due.
      • After 1 month overdue, the patron will receive a final notice indicating that the material will be considered lost and that the patron will be billed for replacement including any fees and fines assessed by the lending library.
    6. Repeated delinquency in returning interlibrary loan materials will result in the loss of borrowing privileges.


Patrons may obtain a free TexShare card to borrow items directly from other libraries, such as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. To obtain a TexShare card, you must present a current STC ID card and a driver’s license or equivalent form of identification. Here you can find a TexShare library. To check if another library owns a specific item, search OCLC WorldCat.