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Common Journey of Mathematics & Art

New STC exhibition examines relationship between mathematics and art

“Common Journey of Mathematics & Art” exhibition runs January 19 through March 23, 2021 at STC Pecan Library.

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Image: Kirk Clark, “Sky Angel,” Acrylic on mylar, 2020 

South Texas College Library Art Gallery presents the first in a monthly spring semester series that highlights the connections between seemingly unconnected disciplines—Mathematics, AEDT, History, and Science– with Art.

In collaboration with the Mathematics and Art Departments at STC, the Gallery presents: “A Common Journey of Mathematics and Art.”

The monthly series of exhibitions will be supported by virtual lectures, book displays and a library database exploring how, working between disciplines, we can achieve better outcomes—moving from STEM to STEAM and foster the creation of art by thinking across boundaries.

“A Common Journey of Mathematics and Art,” will be on view at the STC Pecan Campus Library Art Gallery, Jan. 19 to March 23, 2021. The STC Pecan Campus Library Art Gallery is located at 3201 W. Pecan Blvd., Bldg. F in McAllen, Texas.

There will be a virtual conversation and tour on Tuesday, Mar. 23 at 3 p.m. with the curators of the exhibit, STC Faculty Mario Morin, Kirk Clark and Nathan England.

“Throughout human history, two natural elements of human thought and progress can be evidenced by mathematics and art,” said Morin, an organizer of the exhibit and STC Mathematics Chair and Instructor. “While not usually combined in outright terms, the nature and behavior(s) of the two schools of thought both complement one another. and sometimes are necessitated in the study of the other.

“Our Spring 2021 Mathematics + Art Exhibit will highlight these interactions through three themes: Geometry, the Golden Ratio and Infinity,” Morin added. “Each of these concepts spans hundreds, if not, thousands of years of human history and has had remarkable impact on our everyday lives (whether we may recognize this or not).  Our intention is to both expose this marriage of thought & art but also to encourage further exploration into the possibilities that may exist.”


STC’s Library Art Gallery Program organizes exhibitions and educational programs to engage student understanding of art and its role in culture, support academic curriculum, and inspire continued education through direct engagement with artists, scholars, and original works of art.

For more information contact gotvos@southtexascollege.edu or visit https://library.southtexascollege.edu/libraryart.