The Cold War Retrospective Film Series

Cold War Film Series (Fall 2023)

The Cold War Retrospective Film Series

STC Library is thrilled to work with the STC History Department and the Liberal Arts Division to present a film series focused on The Cold War and sentiments at that time.

10/01/2023: New location! All screenings listed below will take place in the Building D Auditorium on Pecan Campus at 5:30PM.

Thursday, September 28th: Twilight Zone Block 1
John Terry, Dr. Robert Miller, J.J. Guajardo – “Conformity during the Cold War”

Thursday, October 26th: The Thing (1982)
Dr. Robert Miller – “Invisible Invaders: The Renewal of the Red Scare in the Reagan Years”

Thursday, November 9th: Rocky IV (1985)
Dr. Christopher Davis – “War by Other Means: The Cold War in the Athletic Arena”

Thursday, December 7th: The Parallax View (1974)
John Terry – “Paranoia and Mistrust during the Cold War”