Art Exhibit Selection Guidelines

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Library Art Gallery exhibits are selected by library staff, which base decisions on the criteria below. These are guidelines and other factors may be taken into consideration. There should not be an expectation that an exhibit will be chosen simply because it meets these criteria.

    1. Artistic and creative excellence
      • Imaginative quality; originality; complexity; unity of idea
      • Technical proficiency; challenging use of materials; experimentation
    2. Cultural significance
      • Social relevance
      • Insight into social conditions; depth of analysis
      • Diversity of viewpoints represented
    3. Educational and professional background of the artist
    4. Spatial capacity and compatibility
      • Size of space
      • Work/study space
      • Campus culture
    5. Adequacy of purpose to primary goal of the institution
      • Student and community development
      • Providing a venue for the exhibition of local artists
      • Meeting specific educational needs
    6. Additional considerations
      • Prioritizing diverse programming that reaches out to traditionally underserved groups
      • Prioritizing programs that address social issues
      • Prioritizing the interests of the target audience

If you have additional questions, please contact the Library Art Gallery Associate, Gina Otvos, at (956) 872-3488 or