Library Liaisons

Each department has a designated Library Liaison who serves as the first point of contact for any library-related questions or services. STC Library’s Liaison Program goals include maintaining regular communication with departments and programs, building effective working relationships between library staff and faculty in support of teaching, learning and research, and improving library services.

We encourage faculty members to contact our department liaisons to discuss the many options available from the library to support your degree programs. Locate your department below to find your library liaison.

Department Liaison
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Marianella Sanchez
American Sign Language & Interpreter Studies Sara Martinez
Anthropology Sabrina Deanda
Architectural & Engineering Design Marianella Sanchez
Automotive Technology Marianella Sanchez
Associate Degree Nursing Jose Noriega
Business Administration Alison Young
Biology Lorie Navarro
Chemistry Lorie Navarro
Child Development & Early Childhood Patricia Sotelo
Communication Rick Rosales
Computer & Advanced Technologies Marianella Sanchez
Computer & Information Technology Michael Gutierrez
Computer Science Michael Gutierrez
Continuing Education Sabrina De Anda
Construction Supervision Marianella Sanchez
Cosmetology Heather Bobrowicz
Criminal Justice Michael Gutierrez
Culinary Arts Heather Bobrowicz
Cybersecurity Michael Gutierrez
Department Liaison
Dance Elizabeth Hollenbeck
Developmental English & Reading Patricia Sotelo
Developmental Math Terri Martinez-Moreno
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Gabriel Aguilar
Diesel Technology Marianella Sanchez
Distance Learning Elizabeth Hollenbeck
Drama Rick Rosales
Dual Credit & Early College High School Elizabeth Hollenbeck
Education Sabrina Deanda
Learning Framework Elizabeth Hollenbeck
Electrician Technology Marianella Sanchez
Emergency Medical Services Gabriel Aguilar
Engineering Marianella Sanchez
English Patricia Sotelo
Fine Arts Heather Bobrowicz
Fire Science Michael Gutierrez
Department Liaison
Health & Medical Administrative Services Jose Noriega
Heating, Ventilation, A/C & Refrigeration Marianella Sanchez
History Terri Martinez-Moreno
Human Resources Alison Young
Information Technology Michael Gutierrez
Interdisciplinary Studies – AA Sabrina Deanda
Kinesiology Gabriel Aguilar
Language & Cultural Studies Sara Martinez
Law Enforcement Michael Gutierrez
Department Liaison
Mathematics Terri Martinez-Moreno
Medical & Health Services Management Lucy Vela
Medical Assistant Technology Jose Noriega
Mexican-American Studies Terri Martinez-Moreno
Music Rick Rosales
Nursing Gabriel Aguilar
Occupational Therapy Assistant Jose Noriega
Office Administration Alison Young
Operations Management Rick Rosales
Organizational Leadership Lorie Navarro
Paralegal Michael Gutierrez
Patient Care Technician Jose Noriega
Pharmacy Technology Jose Noriega
Philosophy Terri Martinez-Moreno
Physical Therapist Assistant Jose Noriega
Physics Lorie Navarro
Political Science Terri Martinez-Moreno
Pre-Pharmacy Jose Noriega
Psychological Science Lillian Carrillo
Public Administration Michael Gutierrez
Department Liaison
Radiologic Technology Gabriel Aguilar
Respiratory Therapy Gabriel Aguilar
Social Work Sabrina Deanda
Sociology Sabrina Deanda
Vocational Nursing Jose Noriega
Welding Marianella Sanchez