Library Instruction Session Form

This form is for instructors to request a library instruction session where library staff teach students to use library services and resources. The STC Library will contact you to confirm this request and notify you of the location. Please contact us at least 1 week in advance to schedule a session.

Please be sure your contact information is entered correctly.

We find that students derive more from a library instruction session if their instructor is present. Will you attend this session?

What type of session would you like?

: This is a one-session library instruction, which focuses on introducing the student to what the library has to offer. Special attention is paid to the library's website and how students can use it to access library services and resources. Some information literacy concepts may be introduced, but are not covered in depth. A tour of the library is included, only if requested by the instructor.

: This is a two-session library instruction. The first session is a general library orientation as described above. The second session focuses on information literacy concepts, such as developing efficient and effective search strategies, evaluating sources, and avoiding plagiarism.

Would you like your class to have a tour of the library?