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We are currently updating the library website. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you very much for your patience.

The Mid-Valley Library at Building E is closed for renovations. Library Services are available at the Centers for Learning Excellence in Building A. For more information, visit the Library Services Renovation Projects page.


>> Library Instruction Session Form

Use this form to request a library instruction session for your students.

Instructors may request a library instruction session for any of their classes. In these sessions, library staff members introduce students to the services available at the library. We also show them how to use our tools to find high-quality, relevant physical and electronic resources.

If you are assigning a research project to your students, it is a good idea to bring them over for a library instruction session. Students who attend these sessions are usually better prepared to conduct research than those who do not.

Please submit your session request at least 3 days before the preferred date so that we can make sure our classroom and necessary staff are available. Also, if you have a specific research project, please let us know the details of that project so that we can highlight library resources that will be especially useful for your students.

If you are interested in arranging a session for your class, please fill out the Library Instruction Session form or call us at one of the numbers below:

Mid-Valley: 447-6663
Nursing & Allied Health: 872-3121
Pecan: 872-3442 or 872-7216
Starr County: 488-5820
Technology: 872-6120

The library also offers a series of online tutorials and support where in-person sessions may not be feasible, such as Distance Learning and Dual Credit classes.