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>> Library Purchase Request Form

Use this form to recommend physical or electronic purchases for library collections.

Suggestions from our faculty, students, staff, and the community for purchases help us enhance the South Texas College library collection. Decisions regarding our collections are guided by the Collection Development Practices. Although the STC Library may not always be able to acquire every item requested, we value suggestions from our stakeholders. Anyone may recommend an addition to the library collection by filling out the Library Purchase Request form.

Faculty members may also request purchases through the Library Liaison assigned to their academic discipline. Interested faculty members may also wish to participate in the Collection Development Advisory Committee, which provides advice and guidance to library staff involved in collection development activities. The goal of the Committee is to promote the efforts of the library to meet the information needs of our stakeholders.

Faculty members may use the following resources to identify items to recommend for purchase:

RCLweb: Resource for College Libraries
Find recommended titles by discipline in the online edition of the new Resources for College Libraries, which is a core list of 65,000 titles selected by over 300 subject specialists and bibliographers for academic libraries.

EDELWEISS – Above the Treeline
Review catalogs from several hundred publishers in a wide variety of disciplines from a single portal.